The part of the California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide I was most interested in was the section about working, on pages 111-116.


I think becoming a mother as a teen, you should get more rights or more considerations. Like the age and hour restrictions of having a job, for example. I think you should have the same rights as an adult when it comes to that.


Yes, we’re under 18 so we’re still children, but we have taken on the adult responsibility of having a child. I believe you should be able to get a job when you feel you’re ready. Having and raising the baby means you’re ready to me, and you should work the hours you feel are needed for you and your family. You can legally get a job at 16 with restrictions, but there are much younger mothers than that who need to support their children.


Even though I am all about the laws actually changing, the guide broke down working in a simple way and had some helpful websites a teen parent wanting to find work could use.

~La Dawn



  1. calsafeesco says:

    Yes, working is important, but if it gets in the way of finishing your education, then it might be worth it to make the short term sacrifices for the long term benefit of a better “career” rather than just a “job”.

  2. Dulce says:

    Well I think being a teen mom means a lot of things like for example caring for your son/daughter
    and having time for your baby. I think dat if we need a job we would of started looking for one, and
    yes I think we shloud try hard!

  3. cat says:

    people think that teens mom’s dont have the right of nothing because they are small they think that
    teen moms don’t know what to do anything but thats not truth teen moms could do lots of new things
    teen moms are looking for a nice job so the mother is able to care of their children so they won’t suffer.

  4. Unexpected Life says:

    if you think you are pregnant dont wait to find out untill you are 4 OR 5 months pregnant there are
    clinics in whitch you can go to and get a free pregnancy test. you should find out early because its
    easier to do something about it for example you can take a pill so you wont end up pregnant and
    wont have to get an abortion. if you do find out late or you just dicided to keep it i think its a good i
    dea you tell your parents . the reason why is because yes every parent gets mad when there
    teenage daughter get pregnant but when they get over it they get real happy and they help you
    out because you are there daughter they have the obligation to help you untill you are 18. so dont be afraid to tell your parents that you are pregnant dont hide for a long time or abort it with out telling them because
    you might just make them more mad and it would be even more harder for them to trust you.

    • CATeenGuide says:

      Thanks for your comment. The Guide has lots of information on birth control, emergency contraception, abortion and adoption. Be sure to check out the “Sex and Pregnancy” section for answers.

  5. Lovely DLC says:

    i very much agree what la dawn is saying ! because there is actually more girls that are younger than 16 and have kids but cant get a job even if they want to ! and welfare isnt a choice for them also bcause you have to be 18 ! not many girls would to be on welfare anyway ! but i do believe they should change the law on that, yeah we’re kids having kids.. blah blah blah but we’re trying to step up our responsibility for our kids !

  6. darla says:

    yeahh la dawn you are very right alot of people dont consider us teen moms very resposiblee even though we have a BIG responsibility on out hands …. but yeahh there are alot of teen moms that are younger and well they cant even get walfare … it is veryy hardd .. but we do our hardest for the best of of our kids …

  7. summer says:

    I think us moms we should work so we could support our kids.I know that its ganna be hard when i
    start to work at the same time being a mom.

  8. student says:

    yes teenage parents should have the right to work. one because they have resposibilitys of an adult now and need to find a way to get money so they can support their babys and give them what they need! finding a job woouldnt be so hard if only they would let teenagers works especially when they need a job urgently because of the big responsibilty they are having now. a baby is alot of work and are very very expensive , but if you dont have money or a job how can you support that baby of yours. so yes i also think that teenage parents should be able to work. theyre is no other or better solution. one your parents arent gonna be paying for your child maybe help you but not pay everything, thats your responsibility just like sje supported you and keeps supporting you. then a teenage parent should do the same. not depend on someone else. and a teenage parent can feel good later on that they are the ones that supported their child and did it by themselves its also alot eaiser that way you dont have to ask anyone for money for your baby or feel bad asking , you wont have to ask if you ahve a job.

  9. Jacqueline Marie says:

    Love you Ladawn! Youve put in so much effort into raising your children. Both of us know how hard it is being able to find a steady income.

  10. Chris says:

    The fact that some people think that they don’t or shouldn’t have to work because they are a teen infuriates me. If you get pregnant and decide to keep the baby, guess what? You are also deciding to fully emotionally and financially support the child on your own. You should never, for a moment, think that your parents, the father of the child, or welfare will support you.

    Although support from those three areas would be great and ideally family and fatherly support should be in place, it is so often not the case. Don’t feel you are entitled to anything other than working as hard as you can to support your child while continuing your education to better your life and your future child’s.

    I created a website dedicated to teen pregnancy issues. The CA Pregnant and Parenting Youth guide is a great start, but the fact that it IS unbiased is an issue. It won’t provide you the REAL DEAL.

  11. La Dawn Green says:

    I became a mother at 14. I didn’t have the support that most people had. I didnt have any parents to help me, nor did i have my childs father to help. It was just me, so having a income to support me and my child was my MAIN priority. The only income i had was my social security benefits, which wasnt nearly enough to take care of a child and myself. I went to school everyday, never did i slack off, or even attempt to give up and as soon as i was legally able to get a job i took it to my full advantage. Working as many hours as i could get, BUT YOU ALWAYS NEED MORE. ill admit it wasnt easy, but it was something that had to be done…YEAH AN EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT. HAVING A CAREER IS WAY BETTER THAN JUST HAVING A JOB, BUT AT THE AGE OF 14…YOU HAVE TIME TO THINK ABOUT A CAREER…A JOB, A STABLE INCOME, A WAY TO SUPPORT YOUR CHILDS NEED AS WELL AS YOUR OWN IS WHATS ON YOUR MIND AT THE MOMENT…

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